GISELLE - Moscow State Ballet

With over 30 dancers on stage, this sumptuous production by the Moscow State Ballet captures all the beauty and drama of the ultimate romantic ballet, a timeless classic that appeals to any generation. Considered the Hamlet of the ballet, Giselle is a masterpiece in which the dance is elevated in the artistic, and a great literary introduction is achieved. Through the story of a young and innocent peasant, in love with Albrecht, a nobleman who has disguised himself as a villager to get his love. The plot of the masterpiece merges with the romantic sensibility and its choreography, in which the academic style is reflected, presented in all its purity of lines and the balance of the succession of steps and figures.

Giselle is a ballet in two acts with music by Adolphe Adam, choreography by Jules Perrot and Jean Coralli and libretto by Théophile Gautier and Jules-Herni Vernoy. It’s the masterpiece of the dance of Romanticism. It was premiered in 1841 at the Paris Opera becoming a pure and fundamental piece of classical dance.