The spirit of Supertramp

Thanks to millions of record sales and memorable sell-out concerts, almost everyone can whistle or sing some of Supertramp’s massive hits. Now Logicaltramp show their unique approach to the band’s legendary best-selling songs, including Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song and Breakfast in America, with a full-on concert that brings these worldwide rock classics to vibrant life.

Logicaltramp’s two-hour show includes all the greatest hits, the epic album tracks and even some rarities for die-hard fans, in a passionate tribute to the compositions of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson. Endorsed and encouraged by Supertramp band members, these talented musicians have played to thousands of cheering fans across the UK and Europe and been highly-praised by international critics. So seize this chance to enjoy a thrilling recreation of the classic Supertramp sound – it’d be the Crime of the Century not to!

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