Choir, Ballet & Orchestra of the Russian Army of Saint Petersburg

Uniting more than 100 singers, dancers and musicians, the Russian Army Ensemble of St Petersburg brings spectacular dancing and rousing traditional music to the stage. Colourful costumes, vivid choreography and boundless energy are the hallmarks of the 40 talented dancers whose dazzling acrobatics and striking dance sequences reflect life, love and emotion from across Russia and beyond. The choir is renowned for thrilling, dramatic voices and the richness of its singing, bringing alive not only an array of Russian folk songs but also works from other cultures learnt during past overseas visits, while its performances of songs such as Dark Eyes, Kalinka and the Song of the Volga Boatmen have become popular favourites throughout the world.

Founded in the early years of the last century, the choir, ballet and orchestra gave support and encouragement to troops on the battle fronts and in hospitals during both world wars with songs of love and hope, before their subsequent peacetime tours, broadcasts and recordings brought them international acclaim. Today, directed by Valery Tkachenko, the ensemble’s high-powered combination of musical virtuosity, spectacular dance and electrifying singing moves and inspires audiences to enjoy a riveting musical journey through Russia, ancient and modern.

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